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Wolf Plumbing & Maintenance is a group of individuals destined to assist you on all your handman needs like: Geyser repairs and replacements; Broken drains; Burst and Leaking Pipes; Septic Tanks and French Drain Installations; General Electrical works; DIY maintenance; Boreholes and Pressure Pumps and Construction Plumping. We also have a team to clear out trees on premises and construction sites.

Water Filtration System

Table-top water Filter

Water purified by this system can be used for drinking, cooking, household plants
Fits under your kitchen counter compactly and is user-friendly to install. | Replacement cartridges are changed easily and hassle-free. |  Great tasting water, improved taste to warm beverages and food. | Softens water and removes chlorine. | It does not waste any water.
It does not alter the pH of water.

Whole house water filtration system

3 Stage Big Blue Water Filtration System With 25W UV Sterilizer, Sediment Filters & GAC Filter (Whole House, 20 Inch) Steel Bracket. | Purify the water supply to every tap in your house with a flow rate of ± 1360 litres per hour. | Removes unwanted particles such as sand, rust, mud, and chlorine from your water. | Improves taste, color and odor of water. | Installs easily & neatly against a wall, either in the garage or outside in a shaded covered area

Under counter water filter

Best Value Under - Counter Filter
The Definitive Water 5-stage UF filter offers an excellent - value filtration option for users looking for a basic system that also offers excellent water filtration and no water waste. The system consists of a sediment, granular carbon and carbon block filter as pre - treatment and then an Ultra - Filtration membrane which filters down to 0.2 microns to remove bacteria and parasites. 

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